Beauty and the beast (2017)

The beauty and the beast is an artsy-fartsy foreign film. It was directed by the Bill Condon and written by the StephenChbosky and Evan Spiliotopoulos. The characters acted on this film are DanStevens, Emma Watson and Luke Evans. Actually, this is a Disney animated classic movie that takes into a new form.

This movie is now available in English language and taken in the following filming locations such as UK, England and London. This movie has produced by the Walt Disney Pictures and the Mandeville Films. The total runtime of this film is 129 minutes. The sound mix of Dolby Digital and IMAX 6-track and 12-track version digital sound was awesome.
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In the first half, the film was so flat. The direction was very interesting and also enthusiastic in the entire film. This movie was honesty felt like the Twilight sequels. Each and every shot was excited to watch out and don’t get feel bored at any part of the film. It is an original animated film and specially made with cutting edge technologies.

Best part of film

The CGI on the beast’s face is very distracted that completely takes the viewer out of the film. This classic animated movie is looked much well than any other animation movies. Even the theater episode of beauty and the beast is fantastic and maintains the devoid of humanity and warmth throughout the film. If you are a big fan of animated movies, you never miss this amazing Walt Disney film and enjoy watching the fun of each character.
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