The Other Half (2016)

The Other Half is one of the most excited movies to watch on this year. This film has directed and written by the Joey Klein. The stars acted on this film are Tom Cullen, Tatiana Maslany and DianaBentley. The full story is based on a grief stricken man and a bipolar woman who struggle to live a simple life.

The film story follows the two burning souls such as Roman (DeHaan) and Lucy (Maslany) who come together to create an inner peace and leap for life. Now, this film is available only in English language and shooted in the following filming locations such as Canada, Toronto and Ontario. The total duration of this film is 103 minutes.

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Tatiana Maslany in The Other Half (2016)

What would make the film very touching?

I really stunned after watching this movie. It was made with excellent cinematography and reaches the top score. The Other half can be a rare film about the mental illnesses. I would salute to the Joey Klein who makes this wonderful debut film. This movie also includes some romantic drama that gives a lot of challenges between the relationships of each other. In the second half, the love scenes can bury the deep hearted emotion that was very awesome to watch.

This Other Half film is a unique endearing relationship drama with well developed characters. The story behind the name of this movie is that they are complete each other as well as each other’s Other Half. On each and every scene, the love between them is richer as well as engaging. Thus, it is an awesome film to watch!
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