The Ottoman Lieutenant (2016)

The Ottoman Lieutenant is a most popular love story film. The main story of this film is between the American nurse and the Turkish officer in the World War I. This movie was directed by the Joseph Ruben and written by the Jeff Stock well. The famous stars acted on this film are Josh Hartnett, Michael Huisman and Hera Hilmar.

The main story of this film is mainly providing the revisionist portrait of the Turkish history that happens in the World War one. It was produced by the Eastern Sunrise Films and its total duration time is 106 minutes. This movie is now available only in English language and directed in many filming locations such as Cappadocia.
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The main theme of story is fully based on the strong-willed and pretty woman on this film who is frustrated by ongoing injustice at the home. She planned to leaves the US after meeting the Jude. Actually, the Jude is a famous American doctor who owns a remote medical mission in the Ottoman Empire, a world of both dangerous and exotic. Here, she determines her loyalty to the American doctor and falls in love with his enemy as lieutenant in the Ottoman Imperial Army. After that she might decide whether if she wants to be herself or other people what her to be.

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After watching this movie, I really had a great experience of World War I. The entire shooting locations of this movie were awesome and the main crew was beautifully screen played.

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